Winning With Words

Sometimes I play around with words. Check out some of the stuff I’ve written.

  • Eyes Wide Closed
    With eyes wide closed to the chaos without More truth revealed the soul of a trout The end of the race flirts with the beginning Yet competition rules only when one is swimming
  • The Dusk of Autumn, The Dawn of Winter
    The changing of the season is underway and amidst the shifting dynamic of the Earth I find myself in a time of reflection in a climate much different from that which I inhabit most often. The warmth of the Yucatan beautifully contrasts […]
  • The Meaning of Metamorphia
    In my life many events have unfolded, somehow finding the opportunity to undergo the formality of actually occurring. As all of these things have taken their time to happen to me there has been an undertone of thought that has been woven […]
  • Morning Thoughts #4 ~ 4 A.M. Again
    This evening I helped a friend take her first acid trip. I joined her and many strange points have connected in my mind tonight. The timing of this greater Mexican adventure keeps coming back to me. I can’t shake its significance. We […]
  • Morning Thoughts #3 ~ 24 Hours in Mexico City
    Recently I hit a monumental road block in my philosophical reflections. I was questioning the existence of true compassion in humanity, in myself. This was causing me great distress.
  • Morning Thoughts #2 ~ Disgusting Modernity
    Gas stations have attained a greater level of utter disgust in my mind which is impressive in a gut churning sort of way. While in a gas station at around 4:30am I first noticed the forty ounce bottles of cheap Cobra malt […]