Imminent Emergence

Take it easy, but TAKE IT!

Terrence McKenna

Life is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me and this website is something like a case study on my experience, at least that is what I am intending for it in these early stages of Metamorphia’s existence. The depths that run through the darker areas of the human soul are what I am looking to explore. Humankind has explored most the surface of the Earth, we have gazed light years across the galaxy, we have smashed the atom having discovered many of the secrets contained within these things but the human soul may be the vastest untread territory of modern Man. These places are not easy to get to, like the stars and the heart of the atom, but they do contain wonders just as intense and have a greater capacity to shape a person on an individual level, in my experience.

I have created Metamorphia to share my discoveries as I study the little sliver of human nature that is contained within me. May this online space be a place where others can learn about someone else and maybe learn something about their self by doing so. We are all parts of the human organism. We are the vine, the branches, the leaves, the roots, and the fruits. Every person is a piece of humanity and contains a reflection of every other member of this race. May we learn to see ourselves in each other so we can grow together. Enjoy!