Eyes Wide Closed

Took a walk down the street
But the street was a hallway
The toes were still attached to my feet
My socks felt wet but not today

When grasshoppers argue with chickens
The kangaroos will always win
Pull down your britches and run like the dickens
Cuz the right turned left and committed no sin

With eyes wide closed to the chaos without
More truth revealed the soul of a trout
The end of the race flirts with the beginning
Yet competition rules only when one is swimming

Sex on the beach is the best scented candle
Light one before glancing through the preamble
For a night light shines when the moon plays crochet
The sun say “Sir, I’ve never run through this play.”

The clown enjoys his 5G connection
Despite a broken sense of perfection
The paint from his face ran down with the tears
But it’s actually raining, this clown has no fears

Coconut trees meet for their yearly committee
How did they get here? This isn’t their city
The restaurants are wafting with the scent of ergot
Remind me what happened tomorrow, seems I forgot

Hanging baskets grow the greenest tomatoes
Dr. Seuss spoke of them in non-canonical portals
Those are the real lost works of society
Suppose he enjoyed all that notoriety

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