To the New Year

Once again I have made my way around the Sun on this big ball of rock with all the other humans that are along for the ride. This New Year season I am noticing the energy of transformation that this marking point contains. The calendar helps us to see that this is the beginning of a new cycle. All life is built upon and operates in cyclical processes and this is a time that I find myself reflecting on the more encompassing processes that form life as I experience it.

This year I have done more celebrating of the New Year than I have in most years previous, truthfully my celebrations started at the Winter Solstice so I have spent a moderate stretch of time ruminating on the thoughts and feelings that arose in my mind while observing the happenings of this time of transition. This time has been incredibly useful as 2018 was a fairly monumental year for me in terms of personal growth and development so consciously taking time to reflect on the events of the past year helped me to learn about how those events shaped and molded me as well as giving me the chance to find gratitude for the things I did and  experienced. At this moment I feel a massive amount of happiness and thankfulness for the present state of things and I feel invigorated and excited to move into this new year. These feelings of happiness, gratitude, excitement, and invigoration are so valuable and I have learned that these feelings need to be worked for and established. A positive internal state is not something someone simply stumbles upon one day by chance.

A large amount of my mental energy this New Year season has been focused on developing an intention to carry into the new cycle and that expenditure  of energy has paid the fee for a strong intention that has me feeling quite strong. The intention I established is Dedication. I came to this while in a yoga class and decided to hold that as my intention for that evening and afterwards the teacher explained about how she had spent two years working with a single intention and that rooted my intention of Dedication deeper into my soul. This past year I worked on developing my focus and concentration and now with those aspects of myself sharpened the time is right to apply those improved attributes into the projects and pursuits laid before me. At this point Dedication to me means committing to decisions, following them through, keeping one’s word. A dedicated person pays attention to the things that they care about and see that they are cared for properly. A level of intensity is required for dedication to fully flesh itself out. One has to keep a sharp eye on their surroundings to keep that dedication in check and on the right course. This is an intricate intention and I feel like a child in their first day of dance class trying to figure out the footing positions right now but I am excited to delve into this concept and discover what it means to me in my journey through life.

The New Year brings a new beginning and a chance to leave the pains of life in the past. I feel myself letting go of many things I have been holding onto out of fear or feeling of obligation and that in turn is creating more space inside me for new flowers to bloom, full of life and fresh color. The past year saw the stripping away of many things. Like a forest that was engulfed by wildfire, the landscape at this moment may look barren and lifeless but that heat released the seeds from the last generation of trees and now is the moment when the new life begins to germinate beneath the surface. Seeds are absorbing moisture, waiting for the warmth of the summer sun, and their chance to peak their heads through the cover of the soil. We hold within us the force that burns the forest down as we equally embody the energy that brings it back to life. When the fires of destruction rage the rebirth and regeneration of life is close behind.

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