Morning Thoughts #1 ~ Spiritual Skepticism

The path I have found myself going down in not a new one. My quest to discover who I truly am is not one I am alone in pursuing. This could be described as a ‘spiritual path’ but strangely I still find myself skeptical at times that the human spirit really exists even as I have already begun down the path. That skepticism is a part of my motivation for taking the time to do these practices and go through these experiences. In a way I am trying to prove to myself that there is a spirit contained within and existing as a part of me. There is evidence that I have found through direct experience that leads me towards believing in the human soul but there is still a voice of doubt hopping around my mind.

Perhaps this quest to find proof of my human soul in connected to the innate fear I have about death. If there is a spirit in me, something that exists without the constituency of my physical body then perhaps it goes beyond the ending moment of that body. I want to discover the infinite within because my individual experience is contained within myself so if there is no spirit aspect present within me how could there be any part of me that travels on past death, even if there is a spirit that exists outside of me?

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