D&C Cuyahuga Falls 6/20/2018

A large part of my summer fun involves seeing the band as much as possible when they come through my neck of the woods. I had no ticket to this show but went to enjoy the lot and hang out on Shakedown Street. This turned out to be the best date to do that as I heard Cuyahuga Falls is known for having one of the best lot scenes on the circuit and I found that to be the case. I met amazing people while the sounds of the show peaked over the tops of the trees between we in the lot and those in the gates. The entire place was the party so there was no missing out being left in the lot. Enjoy!

Lost Valley, Oregon

In the summer of 2017 I made a cross country road trip with a friend who was living at Lost Valley, about a half hour outside Eugene, Oregon. I spent about a month out there myself before returning to the Midwest and took these photographs on a solitary stroll one of the last days I was on that side of the country. It was a wild time that I am still slightly reeling from almost a year and a half later. Enjoy these images captured from my trip.